Holler greystones.jpg

Jon Boden, Fay Hield & Neil McSweeney

September 2018

Les Barker

September 2016

Roy Bailey & Marc Block

May 2016

Eddie & The Goldtops

April 2017

Badapple Theatre

Bella Hardy

2016 & 2018


Ian McMillan & Luke Carver Goss

July 2016


Flossie Malavialle & Keith


October 2015

Biggles Wartime Band

February 2013

Lady Maisery

May 2017


Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

September 2017

Ashley Hutchings, Becky Mills & Ruth Angell

February 2018.

Fay Hield

January 2020

"What an entertaining, informative and educational evening !"

Lady Maisery

November 2019

"Lady Maisery were stunning. Best BCAC event yet!"

The Rosie Hood Trio,

Nicola Beazley & Alex Cumming

October 2019

"What a smashing evening. Really really enjoyed it."

James Green Linocut Workshop

October 2019

"Most enjoyable and excellent value for money for tuition from such an accomplished practitioner."

Granny's Attic

May 2019

"Wonderful evening! Such energy and talent!"

A Brief History of Music with GreenMatthews

April 2019

"Great evening- really enjoyed it- very entertaining!"

Peter Knight & John Spiers

March 2019

"The best concert I've ever attended."

Jess & Richard Arrowsmith's Singing Workshop & Evening Concert

February 2019

"Wonderful day! Learned a lot about harmony singing and accompanying - then a fabulous concert in the evening."

Felting Workshop with Carol Wilson 

November 2018

"Excellent afternoon! Really enjoyed it."

"Great fun and happy with end result."

"Will definitely sign up for the next one. Hurrah for BCAC!"

The Unreturning Army

November 2018

"A moving tribute to local people who fought and died in the First World War."

Bella Hardy

October 2018

"Saw the wonderful Bella Hardy at the Bamford Institute last night. For those who watch 'X factor', this is what singing sounds like!"

Holler - Jon Boden, Fay Hield & Neil McSweeney

September 2018

"A wonderful evening."

Drowsy Sleepers and Chris & Andrea Wright

A fun evening from two local bands

You Might As Well Live: Cotton Grass Theatre


"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, not just the performance but also the friendly atmosphere, and what it shows about BCAC as an effective and imaginative community arts organisation."

Ashley Hutchings with Becky Mills & Ruth Angell


"A brilliant evening, thank you!"

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan


"Really great night! so much talent."

Lady Maisery with

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith


"It was sublime."

"Great photos of a wonderful evening."

Eddie & The Goldtops: Badapple Theatre


"Really fun evening!"

Doctor Dave's Virtual Reality Workshop





A great sociable event for the village

The Fair Rain


Wonderful band led by local lad, Robin Beatty.

Put Pen to Paper: creative writing workshop with Lynne Colgrave


"An enjoyable and creative morning and a great lunch!"

Afternoon Tea with Les Barker


Funny and profound.

Ian McMillan & Luke Carver Goss


"Great fun for adults and children alike."

Roy Bailey & Marc Block


"A legend of the folk world. Warm and humane."

The Daily Bread: Badapple Theatre


"Colin is a genius!"

Bella Hardy


Local folkstar in her usual sell-out concert

Flossie Malavialle & Keith Donnelly - Dark Horses


Gorgeous and funny Flossie & Keith delighted us 

The Houghton Weavers with a bit of help from the Bamford Village SIngers


"Keeping folk smiling"

Backward Glance: Multi-Story Theatre


Tense psychological drama that scared us all!

Lady Maisery


Perennial favourites in Bamford