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The Bamford Community Project 2021


Hope Valley residents got together virtually

during the pandemic to create a video of our local area.


Wes Finch and The Mechanicals Band put it all together.


The project was funded by Live & Local

The Bamford Community Art Project 2020

















"Many, many congratulations to BCAC on the Bamford history panels.  They are a wonderful account of Bamford's community history, and the part played by individuals and groups over the years. "

(Bamford resident)

In 2020, BCAC commissioned local folk artist Sue Prince to design a set of panels of Bamford and its history and stories. They were painted by the community in Bamford Institute over two weekends in March 2020 and the four finished panels were exhibited in the Moore Memorial Hall on the17th/18th October 2020. The project was made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The panels are housed permanently in Bamford Village Institute and three sets of copies are being erected round the village so that the artwork can be admired at any time. One set has been installed adjacent to Coronation Gardens near The Anglers Rest. Copies will also be installed on each platform at Bamford Station. Cards of the panels are on sale at The Anglers Rest in the cafe.

Here are photos of the unveiling weekend at the Moore Hall, Bamford

From left to right: Sue Prince with Cath & David Allwood, Liz Marshall & Jonathan Lindley

of the BCAC committee just before opening the exhibition to the public.

Badger pastel CA.JPG
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