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The 2021 BCAC/Mechanicals Band/Live & Local project

You've sent us your art, words and music inspired by the Thornhill Trail and the surrounding area and Wes Finch of The Mechanicals Band is now weaving it into a video. We're really looking forward to seeing it. We were delighted by how many of you contributed original art of all kinds to build a picture of our beautiful local area.


BCAC was approached in December 2020 by Live & Local, the Arts Council and local authority-funded rural touring scheme, which has provided great, subsidised drama to Bamford in the past (Backward Glance, Daily Bread and Eddie & the Goldtops).

They offered to fund a 12-week online project that anyone can join in. They commissioned Wes Finch and The Mechanicals Band to compile a video of music, words and images of our local area.

By coincidence, Bamford has just been gifted a local nature reserve, Thornhill Carr, which lies on either side of the Thornhill Trail from Carr Lane towards Yorkshire Bridge.

The project is for anyone who lives near Bamford and the Thornhill Carr Reserve who wants to be involved in making an audio-visual piece in collaboration with The Mechanicals Band.

What we will make will depend on what everyone brings to the project. It will be about Thornhill Carr and will eventually be something everyone can see and hear online as a Youtube video. It will be an exploration and celebration of a special, local place.


Walkers & Cyclists:

Have you walked or cycled on the Thornhill Trail through the reserve? What do you like about it? What can you see and hear? Perhaps you can write about it, take some photos, videos or sound recordings on a smart phone…


Local Historians:

Do you know about the local area? What can you reveal about the landscape and how it has changed over time? What interesting facts can you share about this unique place?


Nature Lovers:

Tell us about the wildlife on the reserve. What can we hope to see at different times of the year? What species do we share the reserve with?


Writers and Poets:

How does the reserve inspire you? Is there any aspect of Thornhill Carr you want to write about, in any form? Perhaps you could record yourself or someone else reading these words…


Visual Artists:

Do you paint or draw? Do you enjoy taking photographs? Are there any scenes of, or inspired by Thornhill Carr you might share with us?



Would you like to contribute any music or singing to the piece? Have you any pieces inspired by the local area? Or perhaps you’d like to add your voice or instrument to the piece once it gets started…

Here are a couple of recent image from the newly-installed camera, showing some of the inhabitants of Thornhill Carr: